The Leadership Training Program Controversy

Many managers who just graduated from a leadership development program are excited to get back to work and start practicing their new skills to help create a high-performing team. But what are the chances that they’ll be able to quickly and dramatically improve their team’s performance or affect business growth? It’s common to assume that … Read More

From Business Strategy to Implementation with Executive Coaching

I had an interesting discussion with a successful business owner. His business was thriving! But it was clear that continuing on the same path would be a struggle—he needed the help of a business coach. Some new symptoms were taking a hold on his life: lack of sleep, high level of stress, deteriorating health, decrease … Read More

Do You Zap Your Employee Motivation?

It is quite easy to spot problems with employee motivation—they waste too much time on small talk and unproductive activities. On the other hand, manager and employee stress due to an overload of work is not always as noticeable. How to Spot the Need for Workload Management An overloaded employee focus their assigned hours mainly … Read More