The Magical Effect of Praise

In the moment we enthusiastically praise our young kids as they take their first steps, we instill in them the determination to keep moving onward, like sprinkling fairy dust on their wings! We make our approval and support clear through praise and recognition. This creates a space for more growth and success and minimizes fear of … Read More

The Value of Listening

We learn from an early age how important it is to successfully communicate and express ourselves in order to get our point across. However, no less important is the ability to listen to others. Now, here is where we often face a challenge. Listening doesn’t mean waiting for a pause in the conversation just so … Read More

How to Improve Your Ability to Communicate?

Assuming you took the time to evaluate your own communication style, you are aware of what is working and what is not working for you personally. The opportunity in improving communication Let me ask you a straight question: Can you see how much more you can achieve when you improve your communication? If you do … Read More