How to Evaluate Your Own Communication Style?

So after discussing why communication has a focal place in your business, let’s take a closer look at how you personally achieve results through your communication.

Communication styles

No two people communicate the same way. Some are straightforward, some emotional, others witty, and a few even sarcastic. No doubt, one may be more effective than another given who you are and who your audience is.

Frankly, you may want to be like someone else and use their “techniques.” How many times have you thought about incorporating some jokes because you’ve seen how effective that can be? Odds are pretty good this wouldn’t be the right role for you, or you would already have them rolling in the aisles.

If you are not genuine in your communication style, people see through it, and as a result your credibility goes down. I would imagine that it is the last thing you’d want. I am not suggesting that you’re stuck with the communication style you have. But before you start creating the new you, consider first what hasn’t been working up to this point.

What doesn’t work

Are you aware of “methods” that have not delivered the results you intended? If the answer isn’t clear, start right now and spend the next two days listening to yourself and noting what isn’t quite working. Or be bold and ask someone to give you honest feedback about your communication style. Note: You will get what you ask for, so no pushing back now.

What will work for you

First, take a moment to consider what your strengths are when you are engaged in a discussion. Is it your passion or your humor? Your logic? Is it your gift for storytelling or your ability to listen? Perhaps you’re really good at putting people at ease. Then take yourself out for a “test drive,” trying that strength out in the next difficult conversation you have or presentation you make. Take it all in and then take a look down the road. Do you see, way out there near the horizon, how a more effective communication style can make all the difference in your business? All you need now is a new starting point, which leads us to the next blog. Share with us your thoughts and stay tuned…