8 Ways to Get the Most From This Blog

Whether you are a casual reader here or a dedicated follower of our work, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the time you’re investing with us. Below, you’ll find a list of 8 easy-to-implement suggestions that give you a significantly bigger return on your involvement here by increasing your engagement.

1: Take Action

One big pitfall to reading a blog is to absorb what you learn without ever applying the principles to your everyday life. That would be a loss for you because reading alone doesn’t produce results.
Results happen when: you lead, manage, or interact with your team differently, when you take ownership of your role in your organization, and when you take effective actions and stop taking ineffective actions.

So we invite you to not just read. Instead, do something that matters with your people (and do it today)!

2: Answer Questions

The questions we ask at the bottom of our posts are designed to get you to think and apply what you learned. Take exactly two minutes to really explore your personal answer, and then leave a comment!
Comments on this website are located underneath each blog post. To leave a comment, fill out the text boxes and then click the “Submit Comment” button.

3: Ask Questions

Our community (read: you) is important to us and we appreciate the opportunity to be supportive. Use the comment space to ask us questions and start conversations. Did you like what you read? Agree? Disagree? Did what you read spark an idea about how things could be done differently at your organization? Did it raise any other questions?

Leaving comments is a great way to record your own thoughts in a way that you and everyone else can return to later on. What you write stays around for other folks to see. Think of it as collaborative knowledge management. Engage others in the community, and your participation will pay off for yourself and the people around you.

4: Use Bookmarks

If you read a post that you think may come in handy for you in the future, bookmark it! I use a social bookmarking service called delicious.com which makes my bookmarks available to me from every computer (so I don’t have to worry about bookmarking an interesting article on my work computer and then not having easy access to it when I’m using my home computer). Delicious also makes it really easy to share your bookmarks if that’s something you want to do.

5: Search For Relevant Posts

If you’re experiencing difficulty at work, search through our previous blog posts for insight on that issue. Maybe we’ve written on that subject in a way that would make a difference for you. And if we haven’t written on that topic, well then, in all likelihood, what you’re going through is something others are dealing with also. Turn your concern into a useful contribution for everyone. Contact us to request that we cover that topic.

The search bar on this website is located on the right side of the red navigation bar at the top of the page.

6: Share

Start conversations that matter. Share a post where you have a social media presence (say, Facebook or Twitter). Forward a post to someone at work or someone you care about. Then (this is the important part), use sharing as an opportunity to begin a dialogue that can improve your work environment. Great topics to discuss? Employee engagement, teamwork, communication skills, and productivity in the workplace.

We make it easy for you to share with others (our kindergarten teachers taught us well). The sharing tools on this website are located at the bottom of every post, above the space for comments.

7: Give Us Feedback

Let us know how we can do better. Is there something missing that you want to see? Are we covering topics that are not relevant to your situation, or not as relevant as you would like? Are we talking too much theory and not enough application? Do you enjoy reading our blog or is it a pain to get through? Course corrections are a valuable part of any engagement with others. This blog is no different! The more feedback we get, the easier it is for us to provide something useful now.

8: Get to Know Us

If you like what we’re about and think our work would make an impact in your workplace or with your team, consider bringing us in to work with you. Check out the topics on our speaking, training, and coaching programs page to see what we specialize in. You can also contact us if you see us adding a lot of value with something specific you’re looking for that we haven’t mentioned.
Which tip are you going to put into practice today?