Nimrod Grinvald CPC ELI-MP

Certified Professional Business Coach

Nim, who started teaching graduate-level entrance exam material at age eighteen to students twice his age, has always been driven by the question, “Why do people work the way they do?” Led first to a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and economics, Nim’s journey has taken him through a career in network marketing, a dan ranking in the Korean martial art Soo Bahk Do, a stint in corporate America, and a place of tremendous inner peace. Ultimately, he has brought his insight to bear on a new question: “How can I help people get what’s really important to them?”

Now, Nim is a powerhouse in a field he likes to call “coaching you to be the kind of person your employees want to listen to” which usually takes on names like leadership development, management training, and team building. As a certified professional coach for The Round Well Coaching and Business Development, his expertise (and his integrity) lies in helping you engage your employees to be more productive, effective, and easy to work with.

That way you get to make more money, enjoy your free time, stay energized at the office, experience a sense of accomplishment, and leave the people you care about happy and fulfilled. Meanwhile, your employees can be trusted to excel when you’re not around, come to work with a great attitude, and stick around longer. Everyone wins. How sweet is that?