Tmima Grinvald MBA, CPC, ELI-MP

Management Consultant, Change Leader, Certified Professional Leadership Coach,


TmimaWho you gonna call when your projects melt down and you need the impossible yesterday? For Tmima Grinvald, generating mammoth results when the stakes are high is just a part of life. Asking her about these experiences brings back fond memories of her time at corporate America, where the Big Kahuna would hand-select her to turn around high-visibility, mission-critical assignments that had gone horribly awry. No matter the team given to her, no matter the budget, no matter the deadline, Tmima’s commitment to “results through empowerment” consistently met and exceeded expectations.

Today, Tmima a Change Leader, still channels the leadership and discipline from her days as a military officer. She still counts on her superior problem-solving and analytical skills that were responsible for her dramatic success in corporate America. She still transforms leaders and teams with powerful communication honed by over twenty five years experience as an instructor, public speaker, and manager. And she still uses her expertise as a Sensei 3rd dan in aikido to share her mastery of being in the moment.

Yet, far from limiting her legacy to just her own accomplishments, Tmima’s passion is to inspire you to achieve your goals quickly and effectively. As a management consultant and coach, Tmima partners with you to tackle whatever challenges hinder your complete success: employee engagement; performance management; marketing; sales;  team relationships; career transitions;  and even personal issues that drain focus, energy, vitality, and productivity. By offering you guaranteed forward momentum, Tmima empowers you to produce better results, faster, in the areas of your business and life that matter most.

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