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We are The Round Well Coaching and Leadership Development, a team of strategic management consultants and certified coaches, who are committed to helping organizations—and people—reach their full potential. As professional business coaches, we work with individuals and teams, nurturing a foundation of communication between all the levels of an organization. We understand that when systems, processes and people are working together seamlessly, a ripple effect is created. Focus goes up, productivity goes up and, most importantly, your bottom line goes up.

After working with a business strategy consultant at The Round Well, you’ll be less stressed, more even-keeled and you’ll achieve a successful work-life balance. Plus, you’ll become a more effective leader, inspiring the people around you. As your management consultant, we train you—business owners, executives and upper-level management—to transform your offices and your teams into highly effective, communicative, productive and enjoyable environments steeped in on integrity, leadership and teamwork.

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Our Beliefs as a Committed Business Strategy Consultant

We are a team of professional business coaches and strategic management consultants, and we believe.
We believe a company’s best investment is in its people.
We believe employees are (only) as great as their leaders…
…that training business owners, executives and managers to be masterful at engaging their staff is key to a company’s greatness…
…and that coaching is the most reliable, cost-effective and powerful means to deliver that training.
We believe in helping you to overcome overwork and overwhelm.
We believe in enabling you to disappear employer-employee distrust.
We believe in empowering you to lead your team to excellence.


Our Principles

We base our business consulting enterprise on The Five Pillars of Excellence:
Say what you mean, honor what you say.
Expand your boundaries to generate incredible results.
Remove obstacles to unearth opportunities.
Make a bigger difference because you can.
Own your life.

Some of the significant changes we helped our clients implementing are in:

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Developing Effective Managers

Building Collaborative Team

Retaining Star Employees

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