As part of our commitment to making coaching widely available and appreciated, we’re now ready to offer you a rare and exciting opportunity to get one-on-one coaching in the form of a free coaching session.

Why rare and exciting? Because we already spend a lot of time working with clients who are willing to be whoever they need to be to get the results that are important to them. It may mean they leave their comfort zone – emotionally, financially, mentally – but what it really means is that they are taking action in support of their true life goals. Meanwhile, we’re almost never available to work one-on-one with people we haven’t thoroughly evaluated. So, creating this one-on-one free coaching session is a big deal to us and a tremendous opportunity for you. Check out the details below and then apply right away.

Wow, this is pretty cool. How does it work?

Here’s how this works: complete the form below to apply for a free coaching session. At the end of each week, we select a very small handful of applicants (around 2-4) to coach. If you’re selected this week, we’ll e-mail you with your next steps. If you’re not selected this week, we’ll e-mail you with your next steps. Yea, it’s that simple.

Should I apply?

Since our availability is very limited and your time is valuable, we want to let you know up front that we work with people from all walks of life who are:

  • committed to their own success
  • usually but not always small business owners
  • willing to learn, open to listening, and ready to take action (we call this being coachable)

The free coaching session is designed to give you the flavor of a powerful coaching experience. We learn about what’s important to you. You learn about what it will take for you to achieve the results that matter to you. If we work well together, we talk about the possibility of you becoming a client.

So should you apply? Another way to ask this question is, “Will this experience move you forward in the direction that’s important to you?” You decide.

What happens If I’m selected?

If you’re selected, we schedule your free coaching session to be completed within two weeks of your selection. That session usually lasts about an hour and happens during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9-5pm EST). Once scheduled, the session cannot be moved. As part of your commitment to working on your business, scheduling a session during these hours may require you to block off time you normally spend working in your business. This task alone is a great exercise in balancing what’s important to your success with what needs your urgent attention.

I wasn’t selected. :-(

How upset or disappointed are you? Those feelings are great indicators of how much value you see us providing for you and how committed you are to your success. Go ahead and re-apply as soon as next week, taking care to update your answers if your situation has changed. If you demonstrate your commitment to your own success, it’s likely we’ll consider working with you in the future. Alternately, consider buying a coaching package. That certainly puts your commitment to your success front and center.

Ok, I’m ready — free coaching session, here I come!

So you’re interested? Great, apply below. Let’s do this!

Free Coaching Session Application