The Secret to Getting Your Way

Do you always get things to go how you want? Look around. Some people have the ability to influence others and get their way. Others always wind up with the short end of the stick. You’ve probably met that charismatic manager who always gets the resources he needs. Or heard of that team leader who … Read More

Empowering Difficult People

During my last seminar on the ideal image of a leader, Sue asked, “How can you help people who don’t want to help themselves?” I took some time to think about that. Sue was talking about Ron, a co-worker of hers. At some point, Sue decided that Ron doesn’t want to help himself. But how true … Read More

Why is Communication Like Oxygen for Your Business?

Can you imagine your business thriving without effective communication – especially from you? What is it about your methods of relaying information that makes the most impact on your business? The Need for Effective Communication   Some leaders may still be relying on the technical background and knowledge that thrust them into “the big office,” believing … Read More

What Don’t You Know About Communicating Expectations?

If you ask your employees to do something, is the outcome ever what you expect?  Think about it. How many times is the end result not even CLOSE to what you imagined it would be when you initially gave the instructions? Is there a possibility that YOU are responsible just as much as your employees? … Read More

Deadline Damage Control (Or, Why Hope Had to Die)

You already know how this ends. You’ve got a task or project to complete. Time is steamrolling closer to that deadline. Bad news: there’s just no way your project will be done by then. You can hope, pray, communicate, adjust, or even cry. Tough call! What do you do first to salvage a lousy situation? … Read More

How to Overcome Deadline Sabotage?

We previously spent some time talking about why deadlines are useful. But you probably still don’t like them! Deadlines force you to contend with many core personal obstacles, including (but of course not limited to) your concern about commitments (do I really want to agree to this deadline?), perfectionism (how much work will it take to … Read More

Why Are Deadlines Useful?

Deadline: a word many dread and even avoid. They can easily bring anxiety, stress, and tension to any interaction. The word even has “dead” in it! How empowering can a deadline really be? Let’s first sort out what a deadline is before we give ourselves permission to cringe. Deadline (n): the time by which something must be … Read More

Who is Your Ideal Employee?

If you secretly want a doppelganger working for you, you’re not alone. It’s a desire many managers and business owners have privately shared with me. What they really want, more than anything else, is an employee who: has the same values that they have can make decisions like they would take action when they would have … Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Peer Feedback?

Have you ever had one of your peers give you feedback and tell you how you should be doing things differently? Did you get turned off? If you have, that’s normal… and at the same time, you missed an opportunity to improve. People tend to feel quite protective about how they do things. It might … Read More

Handling Signs of Employee Disengagement

Do you know what your employees think about their work environment? Are they demonstrating disengagement or being fully engaged and productive? More importantly, would it make any difference if you knew they weren’t? When it’s 90 degrees out and your employees are sweating profusely in the office, you know that they are hot and uneasy. … Read More