Can Coaching be Intimidating?

Some people find me intimidating. I get it. I say it how it is, and that’s not so easy to take in. Is that what coaching is all about?

The Concern

You see, most people prefer the sweet deal. Which means, you do what you think you can, and you get all that you want. However, in order to get all that you really want you cannot let “things” stop you. That being said, you are about to reflect consistently and evaluate how you personally are engaged in getting things done. That means being open to feedback.

I heard many people say that they appreciate self-improvement. They love to read books about it, which is great for gaining theoretical knowledge. They may be able to quote from some big names in the field. Yet, they’re unwilling to listen to honest feedback. And how can you improve if you only want to hear what you want to hear?

I most likely intimidate people who confuse a strategy for improvement with criticism.

The Approach

Many business owners I know tell me: “I know what I need to do.” Which I don’t doubt for a second. But, it’s not about what you know. It is about what you do consistently to move closer and closer to the results that you want.

Let’s imagine now that you decide you want to get to the bottom of your current issues, and you want to create a major shift in your management style, leadership, or in your business results.  Does it mean that deciding will make that happen? Your decision is only a catalyst to step into a new fork in the road. Really, what is going to keep you on this road, which may be more difficult, twisted, and challenging than you imagined, is an effective trusted method that keeps you in check. More like reviewing a road map while your GPS points out to all the alternative ways to get to where you want from where you are at this point of time.

Let me give some examples how strategic feedback allows my coaching clients to achieve breakthroughs:

When my clients are not effective around managing their time, I would point it out because I know that they can get more with less time and that their time is the most important resource they have.

When they focus on the wrong things. I would question them why.

When they let others confuse emotions and derail actions, I inquire them how does that benefit them.

When they commit to get something done, I hold a mirror to reflect their actions.


Bottom line, I help them get better results, faster, in the areas that matter most.

Does it mean that I intimidate my clients? Hell, no.

If you are ready to transform the way you lead others and your business, get on my calendar for a brief discussion and we’ll see if we are a good fit for coaching relationship.

p.s I also wanted to share how grateful I am that some of my prospects said to me directly that I intimidate them. I don’t consider it as just luck.