5 Tips to Elevate Your Franchise Business

A franchise is considered the safest form of a successful business. The percentages of franchises closing is lower than of regular business closings.  That stems from getting a well proven working formula. If you follow this formula, your franchise can show nice profit. Yet, no one said it’s easy. Franchisees I work with, tend to deal … Read More

5 Super-Important Strategic Internet Marketing Tips

Strategic internet marketing is a core component of any business’s marketing strategy. It’s crucial to be clear on what your objectives are (building customer loyalty, expanding your customer base, providing new products or services, etc) and how to invest your money on Internet-related activities to achieve those objectives. When you use ineffective strategies, you risk turning … Read More

Customer Service for High Maintenance Customers

Is The Customer Always Right? How do you prioritize the time you spend dealing with customers? Well, in this blog post, we explore some strategic and tactical approaches to increase effectiveness surrounding customer service issues. As a professional who wears many hats, you may feel drained when helping strong-willed individuals resolve complex customer service issues. When … Read More

Trick or Treat! The Business Marketing to Emulate

As I look at the neighborhood’s kids getting ready for Halloween, I see a high level of sophisticated marketing. What in the world are they doing that could be compared to a business strategy concerning targeted internet marketing, and what could you learn from it? Have you noticed how kids prepare and execute their trick-or-treat … Read More