Who is Your Ideal Employee?

If you secretly want a doppelganger working for you, you’re not alone. It’s a desire many managers and business owners have privately shared with me. What they really want, more than anything else, is an employee who: has the same values that they have can make decisions like they would take action when they would have … Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Peer Feedback?

Have you ever had one of your peers give you feedback and tell you how you should be doing things differently? Did you get turned off? If you have, that’s normal… and at the same time, you missed an opportunity to improve. People tend to feel quite protective about how they do things. It might … Read More

Handling Signs of Employee Disengagement

Do you know what your employees think about their work environment? Are they demonstrating disengagement or being fully engaged and productive? More importantly, would it make any difference if you knew they weren’t? When it’s 90 degrees out and your employees are sweating profusely in the office, you know that they are hot and uneasy. … Read More

The Illusion of Employee Productivity: Part 2

In The Illusion of Employee Productivity: Part 1, we explored how setting expectations and providing support impacts your employees’ productivity levels. Now let’s see what other factors influence employee productivity and what you can do about it. The Four Big Factors Continued 3. GRANT RECOGNITION Although some jobs, such as commission based sales positions, are … Read More

The Illusion of Employee Productivity: Part 1

Many business owners believe that offering their employees fair compensation guarantees high productivity in the workplace. These same managers run their organizations under the assumption that telling their employees what needs to get done will result in completion at the quality level the supervisor had in mind. Often, these illusions and miscommunications are the exact reasons projects … Read More

Four Selfish Reasons to Listen

Just because you know the benefits of listening doesn’t necessarily mean that you see the value in applying the skill to your own life! This raises one highly important question. Aside from being nice, why would you waste your time listening to what others have to say? 1. First of all, when you listen to … Read More

The Magical Effect of Praise

In the moment we enthusiastically praise our young kids as they take their first steps, we instill in them the determination to keep moving onward, like sprinkling fairy dust on their wings! We make our approval and support clear through praise and recognition. This creates a space for more growth and success and minimizes fear of … Read More

How to Improve Your Ability to Communicate?

Assuming you took the time to evaluate your own communication style, you are aware of what is working and what is not working for you personally. The opportunity in improving communication Let me ask you a straight question: Can you see how much more you can achieve when you improve your communication? If you do … Read More

Are You Afraid of Silence?

Years ago, when I first moved to the U.S. from a non-English speaking country, I had difficulty expressing myself fluently. My mind raced to form sentences correctly in English, something that I actually preferred to blurting out broken sentences. The result was… breaks of silence here and there. At one point, I even asked some … Read More

How to Hire Your Next Star?

The curtains are up… your next star is stepping up on the stage (you hope). This is audition time. You know they must be excited or even nervous. Regardless, you want to see the real talent underneath and evaluate whether they are a good fit for your ensemble. An interview is similar to an audition. … Read More