Can Coaching be Intimidating?

Some people find me intimidating. I get it. I say it how it is, and that’s not so easy to take in. Is that what coaching is all about? The Concern You see, most people prefer the sweet deal. Which means, you do what you think you can, and you get all that you want. … Read More

How to Evaluate Your Own Communication Style?

So after discussing why communication has a focal place in your business, let’s take a closer look at how you personally achieve results through your communication. Communication styles No two people communicate the same way. Some are straightforward, some emotional, others witty, and a few even sarcastic. No doubt, one may be more effective than another … Read More

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure?

Something about the word “failure” sounds loaded. As soon as we hear it, our minds start to react. We get scared. And that’s true even if what we’re afraid of doesn’t happen anymore! The problem is: previous failures impact our present actions. What really matters is what we choose to do every time we hear that … Read More

The Secret to Getting Your Way

Do you always get things to go how you want? Look around. Some people have the ability to influence others and get their way. Others always wind up with the short end of the stick. You’ve probably met that charismatic manager who always gets the resources he needs. Or heard of that team leader who … Read More

Empowering Difficult People

During my last seminar on the ideal image of a leader, Sue asked, “How can you help people who don’t want to help themselves?” I took some time to think about that. Sue was talking about Ron, a co-worker of hers. At some point, Sue decided that Ron doesn’t want to help himself. But how true … Read More

Why is Communication Like Oxygen for Your Business?

Can you imagine your business thriving without effective communication – especially from you? What is it about your methods of relaying information that makes the most impact on your business? The Need for Effective Communication   Some leaders may still be relying on the technical background and knowledge that thrust them into “the big office,” believing … Read More

How to Overcome Deadline Sabotage?

We previously spent some time talking about why deadlines are useful. But you probably still don’t like them! Deadlines force you to contend with many core personal obstacles, including (but of course not limited to) your concern about commitments (do I really want to agree to this deadline?), perfectionism (how much work will it take to … Read More

Why Are Deadlines Useful?

Deadline: a word many dread and even avoid. They can easily bring anxiety, stress, and tension to any interaction. The word even has “dead” in it! How empowering can a deadline really be? Let’s first sort out what a deadline is before we give ourselves permission to cringe. Deadline (n): the time by which something must be … Read More

The Illusion of Employee Productivity: Part 2

In The Illusion of Employee Productivity: Part 1, we explored how setting expectations and providing support impacts your employees’ productivity levels. Now let’s see what other factors influence employee productivity and what you can do about it. The Four Big Factors Continued 3. GRANT RECOGNITION Although some jobs, such as commission based sales positions, are … Read More

The Illusion of Employee Productivity: Part 1

Many business owners believe that offering their employees fair compensation guarantees high productivity in the workplace. These same managers run their organizations under the assumption that telling their employees what needs to get done will result in completion at the quality level the supervisor had in mind. Often, these illusions and miscommunications are the exact reasons projects … Read More