Why So Many Avoid Making New Year Resolutions?

As you are reading this, it is getting closer to the ball drop on Times Square and the new year and your resolutions are in place. Every year, we see that January is the best month for growth in gym membership sales. Traditionally, people set new goals regarding their health and sign up for one … Read More

Bringing a Stress-Free Attitude to Life

Life is hard. People are dumb. Money is evil. My mother-in-law is… Stop right there. Isn’t it time to see whether these opinions are really true? Some of these claims make a big impact on the way you live. The opinions you have affect your ability to relate well to others and your attitude. If you … Read More

The Magical Effect of Praise

In the moment we enthusiastically praise our young kids as they take their first steps, we instill in them the determination to keep moving onward, like sprinkling fairy dust on their wings! We make our approval and support clear through praise and recognition. This creates a space for more growth and success and minimizes fear of … Read More

The Value of Listening

We learn from an early age how important it is to successfully communicate and express ourselves in order to get our point across. However, no less important is the ability to listen to others. Now, here is where we often face a challenge. Listening doesn’t mean waiting for a pause in the conversation just so … Read More

How to Improve Your Ability to Communicate?

Assuming you took the time to evaluate your own communication style, you are aware of what is working and what is not working for you personally. The opportunity in improving communication Let me ask you a straight question: Can you see how much more you can achieve when you improve your communication? If you do … Read More

Are You Afraid of Silence?

Years ago, when I first moved to the U.S. from a non-English speaking country, I had difficulty expressing myself fluently. My mind raced to form sentences correctly in English, something that I actually preferred to blurting out broken sentences. The result was… breaks of silence here and there. At one point, I even asked some … Read More

Why Are Commitments So Hard to Uphold?

You gave your word, put down a deposit, signed an agreement, and even committed to invest more time, effort, and additional funds. You did all that only to find out—just a few days later—that this new effort requires too much of you. All too quickly, “life gets in the way”… and then your commitment goes … Read More

How to Hire Your Next Star?

The curtains are up… your next star is stepping up on the stage (you hope). This is audition time. You know they must be excited or even nervous. Regardless, you want to see the real talent underneath and evaluate whether they are a good fit for your ensemble. An interview is similar to an audition. … Read More

How To Kill Procrastination?

Does every item on your To-Do-List get acted upon in a timely manner? Where does procrastination come from? Human beings naturally look for comfort. We gravitate toward doing what comes to us easily. Sometimes, that means spending your “busy” time on stuff that you already have a handle on, and avoiding the stuff that is out … Read More

Succession Planning for a Long Departure

As we left off in our last post of this series, succession planning- selecting the right person to take over your role in the event of your absence- is often a daunting task. Business owners tend to ask, “Who should I choose to fill in my shoes?” This question is in the heart of any … Read More