How to Implement Business Innovation?

Confession: I have been a fan of innovation since childhood. I admired all those Star Trek gadgets and hoped to have one of those “Beam me up Scottie” one of those days. I still do.
I even ended up in the technology field for a major part of my life, where bringing innovation to organizations seemed exciting not only for me, but also for my team. We were the creators; We were the initiators; And we thrived on getting new concepts off the ground.
How about you?
Did you grow up secretly hoping to visit some future worlds where you only have to speak and doors open up or information is being displayed on that allusive board?
And guess what?

A generation later, we call on Siri or Ok Google to perform search and rescue missions (for information of course).
With all that being said, it takes a deeper thought to realize that innovation is a form of disruption and it’s not  fun being on the other side of being disrupted.
For clarification, the topic of disruption does not relates to life changing technology only .
Whenever you think to incorporate a change that could benefit your business and requires your employees or customers to behave differently, consider it a disruption.
Here are some minor examples of change to your business process:

  • doing things in a different order
  • doing things with a different pace
  • adding another step
  • replacing one step with another
  • using a different tool

Disruption brings awkwardness.
Your employees may feel unsure or possibly uncomfortable.
And when that happens, their acceptance of your new method is at risk. Their engagement decreases. Mostly, because they are unsure if your new process will provide the results that they are used to expect. It gets even trickier if they are supposed to get results that they’ve never experienced.

So, is that a good enough reason to give up on innovations or improvements?
Absolutely no!
Then, how do you inspire people to embrace innovation?
Begin with incorporating plenty of communication to educate your staff and your customers. The best engagement will be a result of allowing them to practice the new way of doing business while being encouraged, praised and rewarded.


If you are planning to incorporate improvement in your business and you are not sure how you can get it off the ground with support from your employees, give us a call at (732)385-1522 to see how we can help you make this a smooth and a powerful experience to you, to your team, and to your customers.