How To Kill Procrastination?

Does every item on your To-Do-List get acted upon in a timely manner? Where does procrastination come from?

Human beings naturally look for comfort. We gravitate toward doing what comes to us easily. Sometimes, that means spending your “busy” time on stuff that you already have a handle on, and avoiding the stuff that is out of your comfort zone.

That’s right: we tend to procrastinate exactly those actions that put us at dis-ease.

Why do we avoid taking important actions? And what can we do to overcome that procrastination?


So it looks daunting because it seems too hard or complex. You may not know how to start, or how it may unfold.

Solution: When in uncharted territory, talk to an expert. And then, break your task into smaller chunks that seem more doable. Get ready to accomplish one step at a time.


However, it took too much out of you.But who said you are doomed to produce the same results?
As a matter of fact, you’ve probably learned enough valuable lessons to generate better results this time around.

Solution: Improve your process. Create support structures to keep your accountability in place.


The thought of investing your time in something that doesn’t guarantee a satisfactory result encourages you to focus on easier tasks that fall within your comfort zone. That is a nice way to say you are afraid of failure.

Well, if you never try, how will you know? Sometimes all you need is a supportive soul who will be your cheerleader.

Whenever things get tough, you can turn to them for encouragement.

Solution: Turn to a trusted source or a coach to help you dismantle your concerns.

Where do you procrastinate the most?

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