Inside Scoop of an Author is Revealed

Some people already asked me: what propelled me to write a book? I’ll reveal my inside story of becoming an author.

I came to the United State at age 27 and believe me, my English was just good enough to find a job in my profession, at the time a programmer.  I already graduated college, was an officer in the Israel Defense Forces, and left a promising career in the Information Technology industry.

I had to start all over to prove myself in the workplace. I decided to do my best, as my parents always encouraged me. I remember not once sitting for lunch with colleagues and the conversations were flying at an unbelievable speed, while I’m comprehending no more than 20%. That was frustrating!

I made a pact with two of my closer colleagues. They were completely fine with me stopping the conversation and asking questions about what they mean. Coming from a different culture, I not only wanted to understand phrases, but also behavior principles. I wasn’t ashamed of not knowing. It was just what it was for the time being. And I felt that if I hide that I will never know. Completely against my inner compass.

I began to observe management behavior, and compare that to the culture I grew up with. There was no right or wrong. It was just different to some degree in some areas. And in other aspects, I saw similarities. But, what became crystal clear was that certain ways of management behavior, which later I recognized as leadership, where more effective than others.

During my first job at Wall street I also finished my MBA, and got the academic glimpse into business and management issues. So, I when I was offered management opportunities in Corporate America, I was excited to practice and improve what it takes to be leading a successful team.

Fast forward, after leaving Corporate to raise my youngest daughter, I decided to get a coaching certification from the prestigious coaching school: iPEC.

When I opened my coaching business, I realized that I can incorporate that knowledge with my coaching skills to help small business owners to improve the way they run their businesses. That’s why I chose to be a business coach.

And then… I started to write a weekly tip to my followers. For more than 4 years I shared those leadership gems.

The thought of writing a book was forming, as more and more business owners gave me feedback how the insights that they gain from my advice impact their workplace. I asked myself: What would it take to bring that knowledge to more people? And what could be the impact of such a book?

The answer was: publishing a book will allow for new perspective to trickle to the way numerous small businesses are operated. Can owners and employees become more productive and less stressful if they integrate new ways of thinking? Absolutely.

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