Discover the Power of Your Own Communication with Leadership Coaching

Business-People-Cheering-Up-300x206Do you find that you don’t express yourself the way you want to be heard? Does speaking in front of a group cause you sleepless nights? Are you frustrated with the results you achieve in your business, career or your life in general? Have a hard time getting others into action or looking for superior self-expression? Look no further. Strategic management consulting with The Round Well can transform the way you communicate.

When you partner with The Round Well for leadership skill development, we’ll help you discover your own potential. Our one-on-one approach to individual management consulting puts you on the path to effective communication with a comprehensive leadership assessment and leadership development plan. The professional development tools and skills you receive through our executive leadership coaching which will ensure you do more than improve, but thrive.

Are Our Leadership Coaching Programs for You?

If you do better with one-on-one work, it’s time to consider working with a certified coach to remove your communication obstacles. Call 732-385-1522 today or contact us online to schedule your leadership assessment and leadership development plan.

Our Leadership Coaching Programs:

Teamwork-135x150Goal-Setting 101: How to Use Your Purpose to Raise the Bar
Home Study Course

Achieving your goals can be tough.  First, it’s challenging enough to make a true commitment to improving your performance.  Then, the process of actually setting goals can be grueling.  And to make it even more complicated, sometimes the goals you think you want aren’t the ones you really want in the first place (hint: it’s because some goals are not in line with your purpose)! In this leadership coaching program, you take concrete steps to:

  • identify the goals that are actually important to you (instead of the ones that seem important)
  • commit to achieving those important goals
  • develop a strategy to overcome anticipated obstacles

You can now use the time-tested home study format of this program to complete the work at your leisure!

This home study program includes:

  • a 40-minute audio that takes you step-by-step through the process of setting goals easily and effectively
  • a comprehensive companion worksheet to complete in sync with the audio so that you can quickly build out your goals in real-time
  • a pre-assignment on values to help make the process of goal-setting clear and straightforward instead of burdensome and painful

$77… or scroll down to register for the complete curriculum and save $27!


Business-People-Holding-Target-150x108Goal-Setting 201: How to Maintain Your Momentum Over Time
Home Study Course

It takes two phases to achieve your goals.  First, you identify the right goals to pursue.  Then, you follow through on the actions you committed to take…over and over again.  And while the process of setting goals may seem difficult, taking consistent action over a long period of time can seem impossible!  The good news is with a little extra planning, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of your ongoing success. In this home study program, you take concrete steps to:

  • create your action and accountability in a leadership development plan
  • increase the likelihood of your follow-through
  • get into action!

You can now use the time-tested home study format of this program to complete the work at your leisure!

This home study program includes:

  • a 36-minute audio that teaches you to calibrate your actions and accountability systems so that you can stay focused and take action over time
  • a comprehensive companion worksheet that guides you through developing your own personal action and accountability plans based on your unique circumstances
  • a pre-assignment on actions that eliminates overwhelm by helping you clarify exactly what it will take to achieve your goal

$77… or scroll down to register for the complete curriculum and save $27!


The Complete Goal-Setting Curriculum
2-Part Home Study Course

Purchase both Goal-Setting 101 & 201  home study programs and save $27!



Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Debrief

When we coach the top leaders, we begin by administering the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), a leadership assessment that quantitatively measures levels of energy and engagement, so that it becomes easy to identify exactly where energy is being drained.
Now, this is available to anyone who is looking to lead their life and engage others in a positive way.

Levels of engagement are deeply related to particular perspectives the client may have about work, life, society, the world, or even reality as a whole.

The leadership assessment is done online at your own convenience. It is followed by a scheduled one hour and fifteen minutes debrief with a Core Energy Coach certified as ELI Master Practitioner.

In this strategic leadership coaching program, you will get:

  • clarity on how your viewpoint impacts your results
  • a whole new way of relating to opportunities and challenges
  • an approach to engage yourself and others with higher levels of energy

Hands-holding-clapboard-150x139How To Generate Better Results? Unleash Your Productivity
Delivered as Teleclass Series (three 45-minute tele classes) or on-site workshop

The trouble with your business is that some areas work beautifully and some don’t work as productively as you’d wish.

The intended outcome of this teleseminar series is to empower you to be energized and engaged in your work, so that you increase your productivity and achieve better results.

In this program, you take concrete steps to:

  • identify what affects your personal productivity
  • learn how to add value to the actions you take
  • develop an approach to stay engaged and productive

Interested in learning more about The Round Well’s programs and leadership coaching for individuals? Contact us online or call 732.385.1522 to discover which program best fits your needs and to register for upcoming dates.