Why So Many Avoid Making New Year Resolutions?

As you are reading this, it is getting closer to the ball drop on Times Square and the new year and your resolutions are in place. Every year, we see that January is the best month for growth in gym membership sales. Traditionally, people set new goals regarding their health and sign up for one program or another hoping to lose the weight they gained over the festivities.

For many, this window of opportunity comes only once a year. New Year’s serves as an artificial point in time where it’s possible to declare that the past belongs in the past and moving forward becomes a matter of urgency. Some even take this time to make serious personal resolutions regarding their career or business.

Yet, many people avoid making New Year’s resolution.


  1. Fear of failing is a major reason.
  2. Fear of embarrassment. What would others think of your failure, especially if repeated year after year?
  3. The dis-empowering feeling of having tried before and were not successful.

And to make things really dicey, statistics are not helpful.

According to the New York Times, four out of five people who make New Year’s resolutions eventually break them. A third of that number doesn’t even make it to the end of January.

In the face of this sobering reality, it’s clear why you may want to ignore the whole thing, or just keep it to yourself altogether.

Or maybe not…

How can you improve your chances of following through with your resolutions this year?

  1. Determine your purpose: get clear on what you want to achieve and why.
  2. Plan effectively: set a realistic timeline.
  3. Take clear steps: take specific, measurable actions.
  4. Get accountable: share your goals with supportive people around you.

If you think that enough is enough and you really want to take a route that will stick, use our goal-setting curriculum to support your effort.

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