Goal-Setting 101: How to Use Your Purpose to Raise the Bar Home Study Course




Achieving your goals can be tough.  First, it’s challenging enough to make a true commitment to improving your performance.  Then, the process of actually setting goals can be grueling.  And to make it even more complicated, sometimes the goals you think you want aren’t the ones you really want in the first place (hint: it’s because some goals are not in line with your purpose)! In this leadership coaching program, you take concrete steps to:

  • identify the goals that are actually important to you (instead of the ones that seem important)
  • commit to achieving those important goals
  • develop a strategy to overcome anticipated obstacles

You can now use the time-tested home study format of this program to complete the work at your leisure!

This home study program includes:

  • a 40-minute audio that takes you step-by-step through the process of setting goals easily and effectively
  • a comprehensive companion worksheet to complete in sync with the audio so that you can quickly build out your goals in real-time
  • a pre-assignment on values to help make the process of goal-setting clear and straightforward instead of burdensome and painful