Goal-Setting 201: How to Maintain Your Momentum Over Time Home Study Course




It takes two phases to achieve your goals.  First, you identify the right goals to pursue.  Then, you follow through on the actions you committed to take…over and over again.  And while the process of setting goals may seem difficult, taking consistent action over a long period of time can seem impossible!  The good news is with a little extra planning, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of your ongoing success. In this home study program, you take concrete steps to:

  • create your action and accountability in a leadership development plan
  • increase the likelihood of your follow-through
  • get into action!

You can now use the time-tested home study format of this program to complete the work at your leisure!

This home study program includes:

  • a 36-minute audio that teaches you to calibrate your actions and accountability systems so that you can stay focused and take action over time
  • a comprehensive companion worksheet that guides you through developing your own personal action and accountability plans based on your unique circumstances
  • a pre-assignment on actions that eliminates overwhelm by helping you clarify exactly what it will take to achieve your goal