Our core team building programs are available in four formats: intensive team training workshops, keynote speeches, interactive presentations and long-term coaching engagements that empowers the leaders of the organization.

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If your important projects chronically run behind schedule…

Building Accountability

Teaches participants how to:

  • tailor action and accountability plans to the right goals
  • develop strategies to overcome anticipated obstacles
  • motivate employees to get more done
  • coordinate effectively across teams
  • position follow-up and evaluation for maximum impact

If your organization is lagging behind in your market…

Turning Creativity Into Profit

Teaches participants how to:

  • dismantle limiting myths about creativity and performance
  • tap into their 5 channels of mindful innovation
  • promote effective solution-focused dialogue in their teams
  • implement solutions quickly

If your employees’ actions are not aligned with your company’s vision…

Delivering Communication That Just Works

Teaches participants how to:

  • convey their message in a way that is heard and acted upon
  • set expectations effectively
  • get actionable intelligence from colleagues and front-line employees
  • remove ambiguity from interactions with team members

If your employees collide instead of collaborate…

Creating High Performance Teams

Teaches participants how to:

  • resolve lingering conflicts
  • establish a foundation of trust
  • communicate effectively with challenging teammates
  • practice teamwork when it’s hard
  • design collaborative environments

If your managers are stuck doing work below their pay grade…

Delegating The Smart Way

Teaches participants how to:

  • divide responsibilities most effectively
  • liberate time to focus on the big picture
  • minimize overwhelm of attending to daily operations
  • position employees to do their best work

If absenteeism is high, retention is low, or work quality is poor…

Establishing Excellence

Teaches participants how to:

  • identify signals of employee disengagement
  • inspire employees to become more productive
  • address background concerns that thwart high performance

Ceasefire! Building an (Urgently-Needed)
Enduring Peace in the Office

Let’s be frank: the longer you tolerate gossip, bickering, fighting, and unspoken communication in your organization, the more you destroy its productivity. Through sheer neglect, companies can unwittingly turn longstanding distrust into outright hostility, leading to bitter layoffs and expensive lawsuits. In this program, you and your team take concrete steps to:

      • dissolve and resolve office tension and politics
      • prevent damaging interpersonal conflict
      • bring lasting peace to your workplace

Wake Up! Eliminating Employee Apathy
(and Inspiring Innovation Instead)

How does your organization lose its performance edge? It starts slowly, when success breeds complacency, and complacency crowds out innovation. You know the decline has only accelerated when “It’s always been done that way” replaces “Yea! Let’s figure out how to refine that.” In this program, you and your team take concrete steps to:

      • put a stop to complacency creep
      • inspire and engage your employees
      • maintain an innovative edge

All Hands on Deck! Building Long-Term
High Performance (Through Teamwork)

How does your growing enterprise fully capitalize on its momentum? Expansion places new demands on your people: new responsibilities, challenges, opportunities, pressures, successes, and even mistakes. How will your organization work together to master it all? In this program, you and your team take concrete steps to:

      • replicate your successful practices
      • avert potential problems in advance
      • build a support environment that lasts

If you’re interested in improving team performance with a strategic business consultant or a leadership coach, don’t wait! Contact us online or call 732.385.1522 to register your team for the program that best fits your needs. Be sure to ask about our quarterly discounts!