Trick or Treat! The Business Marketing to Emulate

As I look at the neighborhood’s kids getting ready for Halloween, I see a high level of sophisticated marketing. What in the world are they doing that could be compared to a business strategy concerning targeted internet marketing, and what could you learn from it?

Have you noticed how kids prepare and execute their trick-or-treat routine?

  • They pick up exciting or unique costumes.
  • They organize trick-or-treat groups with their friends.
  • They guess what houses would yield more candybased on how those houses are decorated for the holiday. Those houses are more likely to be revisited if nobody answers the door.
  • When they trick-or-treat, they don’t stop until they run out of time or space in their bag. They keep going no matter how many doors stay shut.

Trick-or-treaters do all of that for a very clear prize: more candy.

There is definitely something to learn here from a business marketing perspective, and specifically when designing a targeted online marketing campaign as part of your business marketing strategy.

As you are developing your targeted internet marketing strategy, identify the goods and services you can offer your target market. Next, define your campaign message (your trick-or-treat costume) that will attract them to you. Just as no kid changes their costume in the middle of their trick-or-treat route, it make sense for you to stick with one message! That message needs to be consistently implemented throughout your various marketing initiatives.

In order to amplify the message you defined in your business strategy, you can look into strategic alliances: working together with other business owners who provide services or goods that complete (not compete) with yours. Take a look at the trick-or-treaters traveling in groups. When they travel together, it’s easier for them to fulfill that important objective called “having fun.” They team up with people who they know can help them achieve that goal. Those people are called “friends.”  Who are the friends of your business who could help it achieve its goals? That’s the power of working in groups.

In order to ensure that your target market finds you on the internet, your web presence has to include keywords and phrases that your target market enters into search engines when they look for goods and services. only then they start to pay attention to your message and your product offerings.

The last point I made about how kids implement their Halloween routine speaks volumes about their success in getting the results they seek. Targeted internet marketing has long term results. Your commitment to the process of internet marketing determines your results. If you stop after two or three feeble attempts, you get no candy.

Where do you see this applying to your business?